Score Statistics 02.10.2012

New star on the top of scorers list for 2012-13 RRC season

With two complete rounds and one rescheduled match already played there is a very clear picture how will this year’s RRC top scorers competition look like. Nik Jurišić from HARK Mladost Zagreb scored 46 points in only two matches and thus, raised standards for this RRC season. We are still waiting for at least one drop goal from Nik to “fill all boxes with numbers” in his line on scorer’s table.

With no Vlado Ursić – Stari on the score board this season, we are expecting kickers (Rosso from RK Nada, Collet from Vitezek RSE, Pertović from BRK, Subašić from RK Čelik and Mijić from RK Zagreb) and try scorers (Ivančić and Žunić from RK Nada and Kokić from RK Čelik) to keep up good work and put some pressure on Jurišić. Also we are expecting “big guns” like Jureško from RK Zagreb, Navas from RC Donau, Buzov, Olujić, Burazin from RK Nada and Orlović from RK Pobednik MOZZART (Pobednik is still matchless this RRC season) to wake up and show what they are made of…

The official top scorers list is available here or in Match center at Top Scorers section.