KBRK – KARC 10-7 (0-7)

In the first game of the Regional League at season 2009/10 Royal Rugby Club from Belgrade(KBRK) was better than  Hungary’s team KARC from Kecskemet.

Last few days in Belgrade, there was lots of raining so in the first half of the game sodden pitch was much more suitable for the rugby players from Hungary. They had slightly stronger actions on the field and they appeared to be much more activated. In the hard game with lots of individual contacts and lots of kicks, KARC’s fullback excerpted. He coverage area excellently and, with his tactical kicks, he scroll backed team KBRK per 50 m.
Hungary’s players crowned their better play in the last minutes of the first half with their excellent action. Try in the center was reached by Konti, and after the successful conversion the result on the end of the first half of the game was 0-7.

By the beginning of the second half of the game, the domestic players were dominant. With the game of their forwards, they safeguarded the ball and conquered the field. Domestic players resisted to all atacts eiththeir excellent defense and they succeeded to be back in the game. The ball was transmitted in the front of the Hungary’s try line and the game was played there for long time. After one crab, veteran Poprečica succeeded to give a try and the result was balanced. KBRK’s fullback, Nikola Arsić, suceedeed to score from a penalty at the end of the game and with that, he yielded victorious points.

KBRK: Rodic, Jacimovic, Kragojevic, Vojvodic, Poprecica(5), Martic, Orlandic, Spasojevic, Milenkovic, Karatrajkovski, Stanic, Jankovic, Golubovic, Kneževic, Arsic(5), Nicic, Sretenovic, Brkic, Nastic, Djordjevic, Vukicevic, Lazarevic

: Kiss, Ladislau, Badalicescu, Nagy, Asztalos, Gyenes, Tóth, Szundy, Bartus, Fehér, Schrauf(5), Túri, Zidarescu, Lukácsi, Nagyhegyesi(2), Baranyi, Németh, Németh, Borbély

RRC Division II Round I
Royal Belgrade Rugby Club – Kecskemét Athletic & Rugby Club
Date: 7th Nov 2009
Kick off: 14:00 h
Venue: Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade