Score Statistics 30.11.2011

One match remaining till the end of 2011/12 RRC pool phase

With just one match remaining all quarterfinalists are already known. Nada, Bulldogok, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Donau, Pobednik, Vitezek and Čelik secured their place in the first round of playoffs scheduled for March 2012.
Last match between RK Zagreb and RC Donau Wien (3.12.2011 – Rudeš, Sošička bb, Zagreb) will decide ranking and pairs for quarterfinals. With up to five points available for each team this match will have big impact on rankings at the end of pool phase. Briefly, Zagreb can be ranked from 1st to 6th place and Donau form 2nd to 8th place depending on the match outcome. This is definitely the match to watch and follow.

Milan Orlović from RK Pobednik Mozzart Beograd is at the moment leading scorer with 30 points and Beke from KARC is holding second place with 29 points by keeping pace of scoring points in every game he played. With just player from RK Zagreb and RC Donau havin one more game and being able to overtake first place on the Top Scorers list at the end of the 2011-12 RRC pool phase we have to keep an eye on Jureško and Mijić from RK Zagreb and Lassy from RC Donau Wien.

The official top scorers list is available here or in Match center at Top Scorers section.