Score Statistics 21.3.2017

RRC Top scorers list

It’s almost over and we are just one match away from closing another successful RRC season. With just one match to play between RK Rad and RK Ljubljana we can already predict this (and last !) season best RRC scorer.

Nikola Pavlović from RT Dalmacija is again at the top of RRC Best Scorer competition in front of Luciano Luka Rosso from RK Nada Split. Nikola Pavlović leads the scorer’s table with 2 tries, 14 conversions and 2 successful penalty kicks what gives him total of 44 points. Unless somebody from RK Rad or RK Ljubljana scores 35+ points in the last match, Nikola will take the title of RRC Best Scorer second time in a row.

Nine points behind Nikola is Luciano Luka Rosso from RK Nada Split with 35 points (2 tries, 11 conversions and 1 penalty kick), and then on the third spot is Marin Vlajčević from RK Nada Split totaling 25 points from 5 tries scored, most tries scored in this RRC season so far.

Fourth place is shared between two players with 15 points and 3 tries scored: Krešo Čorić (RK Nada Split captain) and Bože Vučemilo (RT Dalmacija).

The official top scorers list is available here or in Match center at Top Scorers section.