Score Statistics 17.01.2013

Pool stage of RRC 2012/13 Season is over

RRC 2012/13 Season is at rest. North part of region is covered with snow and players are preparing for spring part of the season in gyms, pools… Now we have time to look back on past four month of competition and to analyze scores and statistics.

As we expected, in the last match of the season in Vienna, Subašić (RK Čelik) with 8 points scored and Navas (RC Donau) with 11 points scored had the last word in forming the shape of the official RRC top scorers list. They are now holding 7th and 8th place with 24 and 23 points scored in total.

The order of players in the first six places in the official RRC Top scorers list remained unchanged. Nik Jurišić is still firmly holding top spot of the official RRC top scorers list with 61 points scored. He is off to New Zealand next Monday and we wish him all the luck and great rugby, and, of course, to be back on spring for the remaining of the RRC 2012/13 Season.

In the Pool stage of RRC 2012/13 Season 9 clubs have played 15 rugby matches. During those matches 75 players have scored 735 points which is average 49 points per match. Those 735 points are made of 102 tries (averaging almost 7 tries per match), 57 conversions, 35 penalty kicks and 2 drop goals as shown in following table.

The official top scorers list is available here or in Match center at Top Scorers section.

Cumulative statistics for 15 pool stage matches by 9 clubs.

Tries Conv’s Penalties Drop’s
Total 102 57 35 2 735
Scorers 64 13 13 2 75
AvgScorer 1,59 4,38 2,69 1,00 9,80
AvgMatch 6,80 3,80 2,33 0,13 49,00
AvgClub 11,33 6,33 3,89 0,22 81,67