Score Statistics 12.10.2014

RRC Top scorers list

After the first three matches played in this RRC season, one in group A and two in group B, on the list of top scorers we notice the first candidates for this season’s title of RRC Top scorer. Last year’s winner Nick Jurišić now plays in Scotland and the race for his successor is on.

During this RRC season 15 matches will be played, and after the first fifth of the season, status on a RRC top scorers table is as follows… First place with 17 points share Uroš Babic (RK Pobednik MOZZART) and László Janotka (Magyarok). Uroš scored his points by one try and six successful conversions, and László scored all his points by foot (one successful conversion and five successful penalty kicks). Two players from RK Pobednik MOZZART (Isailović and Radulovic) scored two tries and occupy third and fourth places. They are followed by fifteen players who have achieved one try each led by Spahic from RK Čelik, who added one successful conversion to his try.

The official top scorers list is available here or in Match center at Top Scorers section.