Introducing Rugby club Nada – Split

Rugby club Nada – Split was founded February 23rd, 1959 and in the past 53 years the club has constantly evolved and became the most successful rugby club in Croatia and one of the best and most respected amateur rugby clubs in Europe. The club now has over 800 members, of whom about 350 are actively involved in the game itself. Club has players from the age of 5 to 70 years, recently including the women’s team. Representative trophy hall of the club boasts over 130 trophies and medals for the results of the official national and international competitions.

– 2000, 2001 – Central European Champions Cup – 1st place
– 2005 – European Clubs Championship – 3rd place
– 2006 – European Clubs Championship – 2nd place
– 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 – RRC Regional Rugby Championship – 1st place
– Senior National champions – 27 times, of which nine consecutive titles from 2003 to 2011

RK Nada is the winner of extremely rare and prestigious international and national awards such as: international “Pierre de Coubertin” fair play award, fair play award of Sportske Novosti, City of Split Award and Gold Medal of the City of Split. For senior team’s outstanding results Rugby club Nada was three times officially declared as “the best sports team of the City of Split” for years 2008, 2009 and 2011.

Players of RK Nada participate in all Croatian National rugby teams and it is likely to say that the results of those teams greatly depend on the effect of the best players of RK Nada. For the senior National team, since RK Nada establishment until today, a total of over 120 RK Nada players have performed.

In this season RK Nada reached the semi final stage of Croatian National Championship and the semi final stage of RRC regional competition. During current and previous RRC seasons RK Nada won all of 19 scheduled matches and has strong ambitions to win this year’s remaining two matches and become RRC Champion for the fifth consecutive time. In the Croatian National competitions, last defeat of RK Nada senior team in official match is recorded back in 2003.

Besides the trophies won, as one of the greatest successes in RK Nada is considered lowering the age to which children begin to practice rugby in Split. In the past few years this limit is shifted form age of 10-12 to age of 5-6. At the moment in RK Nada there is continuity in training and competing for 8 age-graded categories and in the club work 8 expert trainers, both as professionals or volunteers. For club’s results, professional work and activities RK Nada has become synonymous for dedicated sport work in the entire sports community. RK Nada is one of the leading sport brands of Split and it is recognized in wide European rugby community. The members of RK Nada are involved in CRFU, FIRA-AER and EVRA with responsible positions.

Since 1979 to present time RK Nada uses for matches and training the playground in the centre of Split locally known as the “Stari plac” – cult venue for Split sport over more than century. Stadium has a stand with 924 seats and a total capacity of 3,000 spectators. On that pitch RK Nada hosted many Croatian National team matches for the FIRA-AER European Nations Cup and FIRA-AER 7’s European Championship.
Rugby ’59 – veteran rugby club from Split hosted the 2002 European Veterans Festival.