Introducing RC Pobednik MOZZART Belgrade

As the quarter-final match between RC Pobednik MOZZART and Battai Bulldogok RC is approaching, and we already presented Hungarian club (Introducing Battai Bulldogok RC), there are some facts about Serbian champion.
RC Pobednik MOZZART was founded in 1996 and from the beginning the bright future of the club could be seen. The first Serbian National Championship title was won in the season 1999/2000, than again in season 2001/02, and since 2006, Pobednik holds the crown firmly in their hands. Pobednik also won two Serbian National Cups, and last but not least, Pobednik were three times vice-champions of the RRC competition.
In the youth categories Pobednik is the most successful club in the country in last few years. Their players and coaches are an indispensable part of their National Teams in U18 and as well in senior squads, in XVs and as well in Sevens competitions. In last year FIRA-AER competitions Serbian National rugby teams had great success, they improved their standings in U18 (from group C to group B of Justin Bridou European Championship) and in Sevens (from group B to group A of FIRA-AER European Championship).
In their own words, their team is a mixture of youth and experience with greatest strength in unity, fighting spirit and unbreakable team spirit. From number one to twenty two, each of their players are always motivated and eager to play in the way that RC Pobednik MOZZART is known about.
Long story short, people from RC Pobednik MOZZART are inviting all to come to Belgrade on 18th of March and to enjoy, hopefully, a rugby spectacle!