European Rugby Club Championship by FIRA-AER 2012

During the FIRA-AER Executive Commitee, which was held on 17/18 April 2012, it was agreed that two finalist of the “North Sea Cup” (NSC): SC 1880 Frankfurt (Germany) and Heidelberger RK Heidelberg (Germany) would play the winner of “Baltic Rugby Club Union” (BRCU): RC Baltrex SIAULAI (Lithuania) or the winner of the “Regional Rugby Championship” (RRC): RK Pobednik MOZZART Beograd (Serbia) or RK Nada Split (Croatia).

After a draw, the fixtures will be as follows:
– Winner RRC vs. Heidelberger RK
– RC Baltrex SIAULAI vs. SC 1880 Frankfurt
These two semifinals will be played on the pitches of the club mentioned first in September 2012.

Winner of the semi-finals will play the final, two weeks later. The venue will be confirmed subsequently.

As our RRC Commisioner wrote: “This is a historic day for the RRC”.

Here you can read letter from FIRA-AER President Jean-Claude Baqué concerning the European Rugby Club Championship by FIRA-AER 2012.