Final Score Statistics for RRC Season 2015/16

Congratulations to Nikola Pavlović from Rugby Team Dalmacija, RRC top scorer for 2015-2016 season!

Nikola Pavlović achieved total of 60 points in 2015/16 RRC Season with 3 tries, 9 successful conversions and 9 successful penalty kicks. That performance gave
him 23 points margin over second placed Luciano Luka Rosso (1 try, 7 conversions and 6 penalty kicks) from RK Nada Split. Third and fourth on RRC Top Scorers list for 2015/16 season are Tomas Spicher with 34 points (3 tries, 5 conversions and 3 penalty kicks) from RC Donau Wien and Boris Martič from RT Sportex Belgrade with 32 points (1 try, 6 conversions and 5 penalty kicks). On the fifth spot there is top try scorer for this RRC season – Haris Oruč from RK Ljubljana, winner of 2015/16 RRC Season, with 30 points (6 tries).

The official top scorers list for 2015/16 RRC seasson is available here.