Baia Mare claims European Trophy

In the inaugural CEE/SEE matchup for the FIRA-AER European Club Trophy, Energy Cup Champions Baia Mare make a convincing advantage at the Split leg of the Finals.

The return match of the final was held in a freezing morning in Baia Mare, a North-Western mining city of Romania. The proud Baia Mare audience (some 800 hundred people) celebrated their giant rugby players third time this year – the Energy Cup final in June, Championship in October, and now the FIRA-AER Trophy. Their fourth is also on the way as they meet Steaua in Bucuresti in the Cup Final this Saturday.

The guests were a little bit too polite – allowing five tries for the hosts in the first half, but the Romanians were also very determined, and played their dizzling fast back play accurately. In the second period, a pumped-up Nada Split came back on the field, scoring their first try in the double game after 5 minutes. This happened to be their last, but the rest of the game was much more balanced than before.

This matchup may have been the precedent of the planned merger of the RRC and the Energy Cup. After the winter break, parties begin to negotiate on their cooperation.