About Regional League Rugby XV

Regional League Rugby XV is a competition between rugby clubs from 6 countries, Bosnia And Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia.

After successful inaugural season, members of Regional League in Rugby XV in season 2008/2009 become thirteen clubs from six countries:
Nada-Split Croatia,
Zagreb-Zagreb Croatia,
Ljubljana- Ljubljana Slovenia, 
Esztergomi Vitezek Suzuki RSE – Esztergom Hungary,
KARC-Kecskemet Hungary,
Battai Bulldogok- Szazhalombatta Hungary, 
Pobednik-Belgrade Serbia,
Partizan-Belgrade Serbia,
KBRK-Belgrade Serbia,
Bezigrad- Ljubljana Slovenia,
Olimpija- Ljubljana Slovenia &
Valiacite- Pernik Bulgaria

In order to develop and popularize rugby, RLRXV believe that there is a common interest in a project of connecting and playing regular competition matches between clubs from neighboring countries.

RLRXV is not replacement for national championships, but competition which provides quality clubs with additional playing of more demanding and more attractive matches.

Champion of RLRXV in season 2007/2008 Nada from Split Croatia will play match vs. Champion of Baltic League – Slava Zenit from Moscow Russia in spring 2009, under FIRA-AER patronage. 

Goal of this competition is to develop and popularize rugby in the region. Therefore, club’s representatives have agreed upon the model of competing in season 2008/2009 and upon continuation of competing next 2009/2010 season.

RLRXV invites all competent clubs from neighboring countries to join in next season

Competition model 2008/2009:
– double knock out system, each pair play each other twice on away and home basis
– schedule was made on previous season results, higher ranked teams join in later
– all pairs were drawn
– qualification match had to be played in order to have 12 teams into regular rounds
– looser team continue competition for lower positions