4th RRC season kick-off!

In season 2010/2011, 4th consecutive regional club competition will be held with four participating countries: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.

Participating clubs:
Nada (Split, Croatia),
Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia),
Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
Čelik (Zenica, BiH),
Pobednik Mozzart (Belgrade, Serbia),
Partizan (Belgrade, Serbia),
KBRK (Belgrade, Serbia),
Mladost (Zagreb, Croatia),
Rudar (Zenica, BiH),
Bežigrad (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Principles and goals of competition remain the same from previous three seasons: In order to develop and popularize rugby, RRC believe that there is a common interest in a project of connecting and playing regular competition matches between clubs from neighboring countries. RRC is not replacement for national championships, but competition which provides quality clubs with additional playing of more demanding and more attractive matches. Goal of this competition is to develop and popularize rugby in the region.

Competition model for 2010/2011 season:


2 Divisions


1st Division – 6 teams: four from Div 1 09/10 + two promoted form Div 2


2nd Division – 4 teams: two from Div 2 09/10 + two applied clubs


one-round robin system, 5 matches Div 1, 3 matches Div 2 – one match per month (October, November, March, April, May)


play-off – end of May/June


Winner of Division 1 play Super final vs. Winner of CEE Cup


Winner of Division 2 to be promoted to Division 1


6th place in Division 1 to be degraded to Division 2


5th place in Division 1 plays play-off vs. 2nd in Division 2 for position in Division 1 next season – host club 2nd from Division 2

Points: Win – 4 points; Draw – 2 points; Loss – 0 points.

Bonus points: Win by scoring 4 or more tries – 1 bonus point; Loss by 7 or less difference – 1 bonus point; Loss, but scoring 4 or more tries – 1 bonus point.

Pool Position

Division 1:
Pobednik Mozzart

Division 2: