18.11.2022. – RRC season 2022 final match

After series of postponements due to national teams matches colliding with RRC schedule final RRC 2022 match will take place at Stari plac in Split on November 19th at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.

Nada and Ljubljana will decide who will be 2022 RRC champion.

RK Nada must “find” two points in this match to win 2022 RRC Championship, otherwise 2022 RRC champion will be Zagrebački Ragbi Savez. So, any win by Nada, draw or even loss with two bonus points (losing with 7 or less points difference with four tries scored) will bring joy to RK Nada players, staff and supporters and any other results will send 2022 RRC trophy to Zagreb.

Competition for 2022 RRC top scorer is practically decided with 31 points lead bay Nik Jurišić (ZRS) over closest competitor. But it’s not over till is over…